In All His Glory

The Life of William S. Paley
The Legendary Tycoon and His Brilliant Circle

“Superb…So absorbing that the pages turn by themselves…An impressive narrative history.”
The New York Times Book Review, Christopher Buckley

“A sweeping study of the emergence of broadcasting, the American immigrant experience, and the ravenous personal and professional tastes of Paley as he charmed and clawed his way to the top of society.”
Los Angeles Times

“One of the defintitive lives of the American Century…[a] probing, intelligent biograpahy of Citizen Paley, the Babe Ruth of broadcasters.”
Boston Sunday Globe, Christopher Lydon

“‘Glory’ shows Smith to be a writer of stylistic ease who can whistle skeletons from the closet.”
New York Daily News, Sherryl Connelly

A “masterpiece.”
Chicago Sun Times, Robert Feder

“Riveting…packed with revelations, rich in radio and TV lore, sprinkled with intrigues, glitz, and wheeling and dealing at the highest levels of media and government.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“An impressive, meticulously researched work of broadcast history as well as a piquant glimpse inside CBS’s corporate culture. Especially poignant is Smith’s description of the complex relationship between Paley and Frank Stanton, the longtime president and `conscience’ of CBS, who was crushed when Paley cast him aside rather than accept him as successor.”

Time, Richard Zoglin

“Complex and fascinating…crammed with telling details, killer quotes and rousing anecdotes.”

“Big, fascinating, richly detailed.”
Fortune, Geoffrey Colvin

“A remarkably complete, detailed and balanced study.”
Business Week

“It is hard to imagine any other writer coming up with a better account of Paley than Sally Bedell Smith.’
The Economist

“A probing fascinating book.”
USA Today